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The supervisory staff as well as the faculty has engaged themselves in teaching and administering various individuals, all of them with a strong desire to gain progress in the healthcare field that could make their lives rewarding, gratifying and productive.

Lois Bland, LPN, is a highly skilled and experienced instructor licensed by the New York State Education Department, with over 25 years of teaching experience.

Dr. Jehan Zeb has considerable work experience, reflecting the diversity of duties and levels of responsibility. He helps students increase performance and improve results so they may continuously develop and improve their skills.

Dr. Shazia Kabiraj, is highly experienced and trained in Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Procedures. She has demonstrated outstanding talents in the medical as well as the teaching field. Her competence and ethics as a teacher are exemplary.

Zhanna Sachkov, RN, came to us with great recommendations. She has considerable experience in working at various healthcare facilities as well as Nursing Homes.

Dr. Neha Purat, is extremely motivational, initiates and manages the learning process in a professional manner. Responds effectively to the learning needs of individual learners.

Kini Sunny, Director of New York Institute of Medical Careers has trained students in Medical Office Administration program and has an experience of more than twenty-three years. She is licensed as a Director from the New York State Education Department.

Enosh S. Lazarus, President of New York Institute of Medical Careers is an experienced individual with exceptional management and administration skills working in the field for 18 years.

Bansari Patel, Enrollment Agent/ Administrative Assistant of New York Institute of Medical Careers has tremendous experience in administration skills and medical field.

Milly Raj, Administrative Assistant provides general information to the students and works directly with the program instructor.

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