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Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training at New York Institute of Medical Careers is a combination of EKG Technician + Phlebotomy Technician. This Program runs for 120 hours in total. The class is available to students from Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan, NYC as well as all neighboring areas.


PCTs are trained to perform EKGs, blood draws & collection, and assist patients with daily health functions. You will be a healthcare technician working directly under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor. Checking vital signs, collecting blood and urine samples, helping patients with mobility and tracking their progress including therapy are only few of the responsibilities that PCTs would fulfill.


PCTs work in hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory healthcare settings and or home healthcare services. PCTs are also required to be detail oriented and responsive. They must portray empathy and compassion to help their patients through difficult times and errands. Teamwork and cooperation, along with ethical and honest traits is essential in this field of work. PCTs can work alongside registered nurses, practical nurses, healthcare specialists, physicians and pharmacists, and must elicit high quality of organizational skills.


Students will acquire complete hands-on training with professional medical equipment. 

Upon successful completion, the students will receive a graduation certificate and will be qualified to take National Certification Exam.

Please refer to EKG & Phlebotomy Technician for curriculum, fees, schedules and registration requirements. A CNA certification is required for this Training.

School encourages its graduates to appear for the National Certification Examinations (offered ON SITE, by NHA National Healthcareer Association) to obtain professional excellence in their field, though it is optional and not mandatory for employment.

Campus located in Queens, New York

School offers Job Placement Assistance and assistance with internship opportunities.


What Our Students Say

Sherojnie Ramdat - PCT Student

"New York Institute Of Medical Careers exceeded all of my expectations. This school was just what I needed to get to the next level. I took my Patient Care Technician state exam and it was a walk in the park, I passed because my instructor Dr. Zeb is very reliable, and knows his stuff. He made it easy when it was time to take the state test. Qualities, values, and skills needed to succeed in life and in your new career. The administration is very helpful and friendly.If you are looking for a great Medical school please, look no further! New York Institute Of Medical Careers is truly amazing."
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