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Certified Pharmacy Technician
C Ph T

The Pharmacy Technician program is for 130 hours in total. Upon successful completion of will be awarded a completion certificate.

The school encourages its graduates to appear for the PTCB or the National Certification Examinations to obtain professional excellence in their field, though it is optional and not mandatory for employment.

Campus located in Queens, New York

School offers Job Placement Assistance and assistance with internship opportunities.

Pharmacy Counter


Pharmacy Law and Ethics

The application of law, ethics and professionalism to pharmacy practice in all its forms, and to study the development of legal and ethical aspects of pharmacy practice.

Dosage Forms and Administration

Outlining the components of a prescription, understanding the rights of drug administration, describing common dosage forms, describe delayed release dosage formulations, and explain the major routes of administration.

Prescription Compounding

Compounding medicines including sterile and non sterile compounds, differenciating between compound and traditional drugs and following standards and rules to make sure they are processed and packed in an appropriate manner.

Hospital and Advanced Pharmacy

Choosing the best path for you involves understanding what pharmacy tech does, knowing different levels of pharmacy technicians and deciding what is the best path for you.

Drug Interaction

Reduce the effectiveness of your medicine or possibly increase the action of a medicine. Determine if the drugs have adverse interaction with one another. Search medications for potential drug interaction.

Safety in Workplace

Health and safety in a pharmacy is one of the most important aspects. In order to keep everyone safe, the risks within a pharmacy will need to be assessed. Risk assessments are put in place and well maintained. All registered pharmacies must follow standards.

Sorting Medicine


Mornings: Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:38 pm (8 weeks)

Start Date: November 4th, 2023

Limited Seats. Enroll Today!

What Our Students Say

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Rose Cuadrado - Pharmacy Student

"Really like the course of pharmacy tech, in the institute everything you need to know in one class. Great teaching by the best and favorite teacher DR.K. Amazing, her class well explained DR.K made sure you understood the class. No regrets. Thank Dr.K and to all my class mate good luck."
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